"Race & Caste are Damned Lies ! " says Famed Diversity Educator Jane Elliot at the Castecon

A landmark first-of-a-kind conference Castecon 2023 was held in San Francisco, convened by Pandit Satish Sharma and Richa Gautam with the leadership and support of a grassroots team. This was the first such event where many important voices against the caste bill SB403, came on a common platform to raise their concerns about the false caste allegations on the Hindu American community. Castefiles will print a series of articles with key excerpts from the Castecon conference.

Dec 29, 2023 - 06:35
"Race & Caste are Damned Lies ! " says Famed Diversity Educator Jane Elliot at the Castecon

Race was probably one of the first of the ‘divide and rule’ policies implemented on the scale and it's not a coincidence that those who want to replicate it, want caste to be a feature of race. The famous Diversity Educator Jane Elliot presents her un-canned views on Race and in her inimitable style, observed first on Oprah's show - she highlights the colonial roots of racist world views racism, and casteism.

Jane Elliott presents her worldview on DEI in the LandMark Castecon

 "I'm going to irritate everyone in this room. Number one, race and caste are both damn lies. It is unacceptable to consider caste anymore and to consider race anymore. The word race to mean a specific group of people came out of France in 1580. People say to me, it's been going on forever. Why are you trying to fight this? It hasn't been going on forever. It has been going on since 1580, people that’s less than 500 years. 

Previous to the Spanish Inquisition, people were all part of the family of Man, and then suddenly Tomás de Torquemada came along trying to turn everybody into Catholics. He was going to kill anybody who wasn't Christian and killed over 2000 people and somebody said you killed a lot of Christians.

At that point, he realized that you couldn't tell what a person's religion was by looking at them. So, he had to find a way to decide who deserved to die and he set upon skin color. He called lighter-colored people, White claiming white is the color of purity and goodness. He called darker people - Black claiming black is the color of savagery and evil.

We have been living with those two words for almost 500 years. It's time to give that up, people. There are no white people. They do not exist unless you have no melanin in your skin, you are not white. There are no white people and there are no black people. 

It's time to get rid of those two terms. If you are going to use the terms of the late 1400s and 1500s, if you are going to use that vernacular, then you must also use the kinds of clothes they wore at those times, the kinds of communication they used, and the kinds of transportation they used. And, I want to see all you young men stand up and show me your pointy-toed shoes, your knee-length pants, and your powdered wigs. If you’re gonna live the way they lived in the 1400s and 1500s by the Gods of war, let's do it wholeheartedly.

There was no mention of race until the Spanish Inquisition. It's time to give it up, people.

You are all members of the same race. There's only one race of people on the face of the Earth, and that's the “Human Race” and you are all members of it.

Every person in this room is my 30th to 50th cousin. Now, you might not like being my cousin. But you are my 30th to 50th cousins because you were born and raised on this earth. Get over it, people. Get over the idea of the rightness of whiteness. 

People say to me, “White rhymes with Right, and I say yeah, right! Also rhymes with right, fright, and slight. Get over it. We are all shades of brown!

Have you ever seen the Pantone Color Wheel?

And I will tell you how to solve this problem. Get a copy of the Pantone color wheel. Have you ever seen the Pantone Color Wheel? This is a color wheel of skin colors. On this color wheel, all the skin colors are of every human being, and you are all human beings on the face of the earth. You get this up. You can put it on the wall, enlarge it so that your kids, or your students, or whoever, whatever age you have can go up, put their palms on that color wheel, and run their palms around until they come to a color that matches the color on the back of their hand.

Then, go to the thesaurus, the big thesaurus, not the little one. The Big thesaurus, and look up the synonyms for brown. You will find over 100 synonyms for brown people. Pick the one that you think matches your skin color, and then go to the dictionary and look up that word and see what that word means in the dictionary. 

Then, the next time you have to fill in a form where it says race - put human, and where it says skin color - put whatever skin you saw, whatever your color was on the Pantone color wheel.

Now, if you think I'm out of my mind, I am slightly out of my mind because I have been doing this so long and I'm so God awful mad and what's going on.

People get a copy of this magazine – “National Geographic” magazine. I think that you have seen this magazine; of April 2018. People get this magazine and download the map of the world. It shows where human beings came from and how they managed to populate every land mass on the face of the earth. Every land mass on the face of the earth was originally populated by people from Africa. People, you have got to get this into people's heads and you have got to do it now. We are running on a short time, folks. Within 25 years, ‘white people’ are what we call ‘white people’ and they are not white. We come up with a new word for ‘White People’. 

People, if you don't have enough iron in your blood to keep it healthy, you are called “Anemic”. If you don't have enough melanin in your skin to protect you from the dangers of raising the sun, you must be “Melanomic”. If you have more melanin in your skin, you are “Melanatius”, which rhymes with ‘gracious’, ‘spacious’, and ‘efficacious’. It is not a negative term. If you have a lot of melanin in your skin, you are called “Melanotic”. Melanotic is in the dictionary and it means having a lot of melanin in your skin so that your skin is dark brown to almost black. It doesn't say too black, you are not black; you are very dark brown people. It's time to get educated. 

I'm an educator. The word “Educator” comes from the Dutch. “DUC” which means“lead”, the prefix ‘E’which means “out”, the suffix ‘AT’which means “active” and the suffix ‘OR’ which means “one who does”. An educator is one who is engaged in the act of leading people out of ignorance.

And the number one ignorance in the United States of America and the world, at this point is the ignorance of believing that skin color is a determination of your worth as a human being or of your intelligence. Skin color has nothing to do with your “intelligence”. What it has to do with is the “desire”. Oh, I'm sorry, but Melanin people have to prove their strength and their brilliance by killing those who disagree with them. We have been doing it for 500 years. It's time to put a stop to it now. In the United States of America and I want you not to call this country ‘America’ any longer.

 If you can possibly give up calling this country America, I would appreciate it. 

America is everything from the northernmost point of Canada to the southernmost point of South America. All the citizens in all those countries are Americans. The United States of America is the 48 contiguous states of Alaska, Hawaii, and the islands of the Southeastern coast of the United States. That should be called the United States of America. That's what it is. Now, if you don't want to use all those syllables, call it the US because ‘US’ spells ‘us’ and it means those of us who are citizens of the United States of America. We have got to get back to seeing the United States as the ‘United States of America’, not just America. 

And to invite in and appreciate all those immigrants who have made this country as great as it is. Immigration is the most important thing that has ever happened in the United States of America, people. And the indigenous populations accuse me of indigenous erasure. Because I say, look, even what we called Native Americans into this continent from Africa. Get over this nonsense and start educating people on the truth instead of the lie. 

Now, we have another problem in this country, it's going to make it worse for those of you who are not what we call, U.S. people and Christians. Right now, we have a bunch of people in this country, the evangelical Christians who are trying to take us back to the 1940s. You have to be aware of the danger of that group. They are the most dangerous group I have ever seen and they are determined to turn this country back about 500 years. We have to put a stop to this, folks. We have to do it and we have to do it now. If Christianity is the only thing that will allow you to become a citizen of the United States, the United States is going to become very small and very powerless. 

There are three things I want to remember about what I'm saying. Some of you are gonna have a really hard time with this. But three things you have to remember - 

No.1 - Without what we call blacks, there would be no what we call whites (Without Blacks, there would be no Whites), that’s a fact. We are all descendants of those people from Africa. And, if you trace your DNA part back far enough, you will find some DNA from a country in Africa. 

No.2 - Without the Jews, there would be no Christians. The first five books of the Old Testament came out of the Torah. So these proud boys marched down the street saying Jews will not replace us. I think you fools, you were Jewish before you were Christian. Get over it. 

No.3 - Without women, there would be no men. Without women, there would be no men. Without women, there will be no men. Without women, there will be no men. I will keep on saying that until you say it's time for you to stop now, Miss Elliot. 

Thank you very much for listening to me, thank you. I'm done."

-Jane Elliott: American Diversity Educator

Castecon Desk Hindu community leader in the UK, Pandit Satish K Sharma, and Indian American activist and researcher Richa Gautam joined hands with a group of community grassroots members for holding a landmark conference Castecon 2023 in San Francisco. The first event of its kind, Castecon 2023 brought together a number of important voices in the Indian American community against the Caste Bill SB403. The event went a long way in laying out the current and future challenges for the Indian American community, especially the weaponisation of a non-issue like caste. Castefiles will publish a series of articles culling insight from the speakers at Castecon 2023 with excerpts from speeches. The articles will hopefully lay the basis for the community's strategy to meet the challenges of the future.