The Minhaj Labs - Emotional Truths and Intellectual Lies

The divisive Race and Caste narratives are being concocted in a many-layered conspiracy, in popular culture, academia, media, and also in policy as seen with SB403 and Equality Labs. How long will the agenda of "Emotional Truths and Intellectual Lies" continue its gravy train?

Sep 17, 2023 - 11:22
The Minhaj Labs - Emotional Truths and Intellectual Lies

The New Yorker, on September 15, 2023, released a comprehensive report titled “Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Emotional Truths’”, which delves into the fabricated racial harassment narratives of the Indian-origin stand-up comedian Hasan Minhaj. 

The report underscores that Minhaj has repeatedly shared distressing experiences he allegedly encountered as an Asian and Muslim American. However, the news magazine’s thorough investigation and interaction with the concerned parties revealed that most of these incidents, including the notorious “Anthrax scare” story, involving his young daughter, never actually transpired. Minhaj admitted that his daughter had never been exposed to a “white powder” and that she had not been hospitalized. Nonetheless, he has repeatedly invoked this alleged white powder incident to claim victimhood.

In numerous interviews, he has mentioned the white powder incident without making it clear that the events he narrates onstage, including the hospitalization of his daughter, did not transpire as he portrayed.[1]

The comedy of errors or the errors in comedy could be forgiven if it was not part of the broader narrative being cooked in academia and politics with real-world consequences of reverse racism. A couple of days ago, Castefiles exposed academic fraud manufactured for over 20 years to malign White Americans.

But it doesn’t end with Race.

Caste, a hitherto alien term in the United States, is being used to bring disrepute to Hindu Americans who were otherwise, the model immigrant minority and are now being browbeaten with the label of ‘white adjacent’.

What about the SB403 Dramedy of Errors in California?

The New Yorker did a fabulous job of investigating and exposing the comedian, but they could have done an even more stellar job by investigating and exposing. Thenmozhi Soundararajan, aka Dalit Diva, founder of Equality Labs, whose drama would put Hasan Minhaj’s comedy to shame any day.

One fine morning we hear, while in the 5th Grade, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, after waking up, declared herself to be a Dalit to the entire universe. To date, she has not produced any evidence of her Dalit-hood, e.g., a caste certificate of her parents, who were born in India, and later migrated to the US [2]

The report from The New Yorker reveals that the comedian frequently bypassed the fact-checking team and researchers to accommodate his “emotional truth.” Former staff members and researchers of the show “Patriot Act,” hosted by Minhaj, expressed their perception of Minhaj’s disregard for the fact-checking process. One researcher commented, “Minhaj merely gathered individuals around him to enhance his image, making him seem more intelligent and thoughtful.”

 Similarly, Thenmozhi Soundararajan does not believe in fact-checking while conducting caste surveys to produce claims of “rampant” caste discrimination in the US, echoing Minhaj’s mindset “The emotional truth is first. The factual truth is secondary.”

Just like Minhaj’s pervasive falsehoods and his recurrent practice of distorting facts and timelines and inventing narratives to depict a distorted version of oppression stories under the pretense of his lived experiences, Thenmozhi Soundararajan excels in anonymous anecdotes of caste oppression often of well-to-do American citizens.

Defining "Emotional Truth"

Minhaj and Dalit Diva have introduced a novel concept: One can borrow someone else’s reality, blend it with their own falsehoods, and label it as “emotional truth.”

In the comprehensive catalog of untruths, Minhaj has also manipulated real events and invented details to assert claims of racial discrimination. Painstaking research by The New Yorker has revealed that he misrepresented his personal story involving a white girl and her family, where he alleged that the family discriminated against him due to his brown skin. Not to be left behind,  Thenmozhi Soundararajan claims that she faced threats of violence in school due to her caste. Surely, she would have registered an official complaint with the school authorities, so, if she would be so kind as to share details of these threats, we can verify them with the school authorities.

The comedian and former “The Daily Show” star, confessed to embellishing his stand-up performances with fabricated details, including his 2022 Netflix special “The King’s Jester.” Minhaj explained to the New Yorker “Every narrative in my repertoire is rooted in a grain of truth. My comedic concoction is a blend of 70% emotional truth — actual events — and 30% exaggeration, hyperbole, and fiction.”

While Minhaj blames it all on the elastic truths of comedy, what if he is ignoring his fact-checker only to build on an anti-white and anti-Hindu narrative, concocted in academia and by Equality Labs? In the case of Thenmozhi Soundararajan, the emotional truths keep diluting facts sometimes with blatant disregard for reality.

Minhaj defended his tactics in a lengthy statement to The New York Post. “I use the tools of standup comedy—hyperbole, changing names and locations, and compressing timelines to tell entertaining stories,” He said, in part. “That’s inherent to the art form,” he added. “You wouldn’t go to a Haunted House and say, “Why are these people lying to me? —The point is the ride. Standup is the same.”

For Hindu Americans, California is that  Haunted House Minhaj talks about, and while resisting SB403, the caste bill,  the question at the top-of-mind remains "Why are these people lying to me?"

Indian Americans are questioning the lies and concocted definitions of Dalit, a fake concept of Dalit History Month, and cooked-up data on Caste, all by one actor, Equality Labs, and its founder.

But, Thenmozhi Soundararajan also believes that she is entitled to fabricate surveys by asking foreign actors to pretend to be California residents who live in the same zip code where Cisco Systems Headquarters is located.[3]

Minhaj has also confessed to concocting the “Brother Eric” narrative in “The King’s Jester,” where he alleged that a White FBI informant had penetrated his family’s mosque in the Sacramento region. Craig Monteilh, or the so-called “Brother Eric” in Minhaj’s autobiographical anecdotal story, during an interview with the author of the New Yorker report, Clare Malone, told her that Minhaj’s story is a fabrication. Craig said, “I have no idea why he would do that.” 

Pretendians and PretenDalits

We are also at a loss to explain why Thenmozhi Soundararajan, born in the US, to affluent and highly educated parents, with the privilege of graduating from UC Berkeley, would call herself a caste-oppressed Dalit. Is she following in the footsteps of her professor-Elizabeth Hoover at her alma mater, UC Berkeley, who is a “Pretendian” – a white person falsely claiming to be a Native American? Hoover is the latest person to apologize for falsely claiming a racial or ethnic identity and her name has been added to the already long “Pretendian List.” Still, there is room for more, and Thenmozhi Soundararajan’s name should be on that list, probably scaling to the number one position.[4]

Or, will we soon need a new list of PretenDalits? Dalit, a word that entered the Indian lexicon due to British policies and really only meant those who were ruined due to the British Extraction economy, is not a badge of honor, it is a terror term of colonial times. 

In addition to her drama and fiction writing skills, Thenmozhi Soundararajan is also a cunning hustler who has realized the earning potential of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) workshop scam and has done one up by creating a new caste angle to it and selling lucrative caste training to corporates – a get rich scheme.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan has taken blatant fraud to the next level by first lobbying for caste policies at Corporations, Universities, and Government, and once the caste policies are implemented, promptly offering fee-based caste 101s and Caste oppression workshops at those very same places where she had lobbied to get them implemented. 

In that process, not only are we seeing a clear conflict of interest, but an open institutional tomfoolery and political guile, exposed for everyone to see.

 Secondly, without remorse, Dalit Diva has become the sole "Dalit" voice, equipped with tokenism, trampling upon genuine representatives countering her.

This convoluted campaign is canceling and marginalizing the very same marginalized people that Equality Labs claims to represent.[5]   

If concocted Race narratives are finally being exposed, it is time to see contrived Caste calculations get their due Humpty Dumpty moment as Cisco, and BAPS lawsuits unravel.

[3] Hasan Minhaj admits to fabricating stand-up stories of racial discrimination. See

Abhijit Bagal and Richa Gautam Abhijit Bagal is a legal analyst at Caste Files. He is a Healthcare Analytics technologist at a managed care organization specializing in publicly funded behavioral healthcare. He holds a master's degree in software engineering and an MBA with a specialization in comparative international health. Additionally, Abhijit is a part-time law student with a focus on civil rights, due process, and equal protection of the law. Richa Gautam is Founder of Caste Files and Co-Founder and Executive Director at Cares Global. She has been active in the field of advocacy and human rights for over a decade. She is currently engaged in the field of diversity, inclusiveness, and minority rights as well as decolonial practices with Cares Global and she is a Senior Research Associate at Indus University and a Fellow of the Center of Indic Studies at Ahmedabad.