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Welcome to Caste Files, where we are passionate about challenging the pervasive and toxic labeling of Caste that has entered our lexicon globally. We believe that there is an alternative viewpoint that has been silenced on radios, TV channels, and news portals. Our goal is to be the voice of the subaltern viewpoint.

It's disheartening to see Indian American CEOs, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, educators, everyday people and so many more being tagged inaccurately by Caste on social media handles and in media reports. The occupational division based on caste that existed in the traditional Indian society has diluted and is barely a reality in rapidly urbanizing India and even more so in the vast diaspora. Caste is barely even recognized in North America and Caste discrimination is not tangible according to reputed surveys and police records. Yet, surveys and statistics that resist the addition of caste policy have been canceled, along with those that resist the practice of "caste bombing" or "caste terrorism" on the Hindu diaspora, whether in school extracurriculars, interfaith dialogue, or in policy.

We are alarmed that the legitimizing of Caste as a Hindu construct has been carried on to such an extent that mainstream media has delivered hundreds of articles defining Caste as a Hindu malady. It's essential to understand that Caste is a colonial construct that is being force-fitted as our primary and definitive paradigm of existence.

We at Caste Files believe that the ongoing colonial discourse of Brahmin vs. Dalit, Aryan, and Dravidian needs a decolonial perspective.

We must resist the added layering of forcibly inflicted definitions like "caste privileged" and "caste oppressed." We are passionate about educating and creating awareness about the trans-generational impact of an unconstitutional process in the USA that may result in a recolonization of Indian Americans.

Indian Americans have excelled in the USA due to meritocracy, and we believe that Caste should not be used as a means of differentiation. We are multiple identities, but Caste is being force-fitted as our primary and definitive paradigm of existence. We need to educate and resist, and we welcome you to join us in this cause.

Let's create a decolonized world where meritocracy is the only means of differentiation. Join us at Caste Files and become part of the resistance against discrimination to create a merit-based world in where meritocracy is the only means of differentiation. Let's create a decolonized world with American values, embracing the principle of equality and inherent divinity in every being. We hold steadfast in our belief that all individuals, regardless of their social class, status, or inherited stratification, should be treated with equal respect and dignity. We strive to eliminate any form of discrimination rooted in these divisions, including the archaic concept of caste, while advocating against the use of such terminology. Our path is one of inclusivity, unity, and the celebration of the inherent worth of all souls.