Pakistani Intelligence Operation Behind Campaign against Indian Americans

A landmark first-of-a-kind conference Castecon 2023 was held in San Francisco, convened by Pandit Satish Sharma and Richa Gautam with the leadership and support of a grassroots team. This was the first such event where many important voices against the caste bill SB403, came on a common platform to raise their concerns about the false caste allegations on the Hindu American community. Castefiles will print a series of articles with key excerpts from the Castecon conference.

Jan 25, 2024 - 07:50
Pakistani Intelligence Operation Behind Campaign against Indian Americans

In California, SB403, a bill that recently died due to the governor's veto was Introduced by the State Senator Aisha Wahab - the bill itself admitted that it is a duplication of existing prohibitions against discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, ethnicity, ancestry, or national origin. 

The key players involved in supporting SB403 have demonstrably exhibited their shared hatred for the Hindu religion, and the Indian American community. Behind this caste campaign in the US is a geopolitically motivated desire to target India and Indian Americans. 

The groups and individuals that promote the ideological narrative that supports SB403 are connected to organizations that are linked with the Pakistan Army and its Intelligence apparatus. The campaign against Indian Americans has all the hallmarks of a foreign influence operation. 

The US government must ensure that America does not become the battleground for geopolitical forces to tamper with democracy by trying to usher in laws that can be used against specific communities.

Anjalee Swamy Iyer – Member, Board of Directors of HinduACTtion

Castecon Desk Hindu community leader in the UK, Pandit Satish K Sharma, and Indian American activist and researcher Richa Gautam joined hands with a group of community grassroots members for holding a landmark conference Castecon 2023 in San Francisco. The first event of its kind, Castecon 2023 brought together a number of important voices in the Indian American community against the Caste Bill SB403. The event went a long way in laying out the current and future challenges for the Indian American community, especially the weaponisation of a non-issue like caste. Castefiles will publish a series of articles culling insight from the speakers at Castecon 2023 with excerpts from speeches. The articles will hopefully lay the basis for the community's strategy to meet the challenges of the future.